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From October 5 2015, all big retailers in England will have to charge clients 5p for each carrier bag they use. This charge is designed to reduce the quantity of single-use plastic carrier bags -- and the tons of litter associated with them -- and encourage people to reuse bags. According to Dr Boardman, the project's lead, "the introduction of single-use carrier bag charge in England is a welcome development and follows the success of the policy in Scotland, Wales and Northern United Kingdom." For example, the data coming out from Wales shows a very encouraging c. 80 % reduction in plastic bag consumption above the last three years.

The Xpression spectrum of high-quality kraft paper products is uniform for use in paper carriers manufactured for use in shopping and in other sectours while the Basix spectrum of kraft paper is intended for use in consumer bags that provide protection for food, or that are used in other daily applications. 

Both studies compared a spectrum of bags, from the normal flimsy HDPE bag, through biodegradable carriers manufactured from a starch-polyester (biopolymer) blend, paper bags and bags for life' manufactured from low-density polyethylene, to cotton bags. Both studies calculated the global warming impact of the production of each type of bag and took into record other environmental impacts: resource depletion, acidification, eutrophication, human toxicity, fresh water aquatic ecotoxicity, marine aquatic ecotoxicity, terrestrial ecotoxicity and photochemical oxidation (smog formation). They then calculated how plenty times each alternative type of carrier would have to be used to reduce its global warming potential to below that for normal HDPE carrier bags, and concluded (utilising the Environments Agency's estimates) that paper, LDPE, non-woven PP and cotton bags should be reused at least 3, 4, 11 and 131 times respectively to ensure that they have lower global warming potential than normal HDPE carrier bags that are used only once.

We introduced a 5 pence charge on the supply of new single use carrier bags on 1 October last year. The aim of this charge is to substantially reduce the number of single use carrier bags provided in Wales and create a proper behaviour change, where taking reusable bags to the shops is the norm. Information from other countries worldwide, already charging for carrier bags, showed us that only by introducing a charge could we substantially reduce the number of bags provided and assist towards our goal of becoming a none waste nation.

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As more and more stores boost their recycling commitment (a few all cities have banned plastic bags), it’s becoming pretty normal to bring your possess shopping bags. Fabric bags are the proceed-to substitute and broadly on offer, particularly the heavier, structured bags. Lightweight, flexible bags that would optimal replace plastic can be harder to come by. Luckily, you’re a clever sewing person and can make your possess… with a small assist from your friends here at Sew4Home.

The Environment Agency found that paper carrier bags, across their lifecycle of production, use and disposal, had a greater global-warming impact than plastic ones. The agency's study found paper ones were only better than plastic if they were used four or more times, nevertheless that was unlikely due to durability of paper bags.

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